Spiritual Transition by Rabih Hammoud (1st edition)

Rabih Hammoud
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If you’ve been meditating, repeating affirmations and trying as hard you could to think positively during times of crisis without much success, even though you understood spiritual principles – it’s because you’ve not integrated them at a soul level.

Most spiritual seekers don't realize this but as consciousness, what we believe in has a direct influence on the type of results we get.

  1. Unless we understand ourselves at a deep enough level — we can't learn from our experiences.
  2. Without understanding why we went through those experiences — we can't heal.
  3. And unless we heal — we don't grow spiritually.

While we will learn specific meditations and spiritual procedures to use on a daily basis for your healing, and spiritual growth — this book's main purpose is to give you the proper foundations so that:

  • You heal your emotional wounds
  • Calm your mind and decrease overthinking
  • Feel grounded, and better about yourself and your body
  • Develop a broader understanding about life, the universe and the laws that govern reality
  • Feel more connected, compassionate and understanding with your loved ones
  • Develop a healthy sense of self-esteem, feel confident and bold
  • Express yourself more honestly, and feel empowered to finally be you
  • Understand the power of your beliefs, and how through them you have created your life exactly as it is
  • Put this understanding to work, and feel capable of creating the life you want for yourself

Of course, there is much more, and as you read, you will discover it for yourself.

As a bonus, if you buy a copy, you also get access to me directly for questions you may have either on the material or your own spiritual path. An email address is shared in the book for this purpose.

I'll see you on the other side.


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1. You'll learn how to avoid the subtle traps on the spiritual path that keep most souls in the "purgatory." 2. You'll learn about your deeper emotional and mental nature. 3. You'll get a practical framework to use on a daily basis so that you heal effectively. 4. You'll learn about implementing higher spiritual truths into your daily life.

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Spiritual Transition by Rabih Hammoud (1st edition)

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I want this!